Q: How can I stop Birds from perching on my roof or wall?

A: A bird control company will advise to have spikes placed where the birds tend to perch all the time.

Q: Do bird control companies kill the birds?

A: No they do not, they simply remove the birds in a safe way using the best methods and products that are not harmful.

Q: Do birds carry diseases?

A: Yes birds do carry diseases and this is why many people do the bird removals as the more infest your property the higher the risk of diseases.

Q: Do bird control companies carry a guarantee?

A: Yes most of the bird control companies carry a guarantee. But they will recommend that more than one session will be needed to make sure that the birds are fully removed and will not return. It will not just happen in the first session. It is a process that needs to be done.

Q: Are the products used harmful to humans and pets?

A: No the products that the bird control companies use are not harmful in any way to humans or pets that may come into contact with the products.

Q: Do the spikes that are place on the walls harm the birds?

A: No they do not harm the birds it becomes more of a mental thing for them and they know they are not able to perch on the wall.

Q: Why do birds like to infest roofs?

A: A roof is a safe place for them, it covers them and they like a simple spot and inside the roofs provide shelter and the best place to nest.